“Our Word Is Our Weapon”
Magamba’s vision is a free and just Zimbabwe where arts and culture is used as a tool for positive social change. The network was founded by Comrade Fatso and Outspoken in November 2007 with the aim of using arts and culture in the struggle for social justice in Zimbabwe. Magamba means ‘Heroes’ or ‘Freedom Fighters’, signifying the youth of today reclaiming the legacy of struggle. Magamba is a membership-based, grassroots organization whose activists have a free Zimbabwe in our hearts and rebel rhythm in our feet.


Magamba is experienced in running alternative cultural events and grassroots community organising. It organizes regular events in Zimbabwe, focusing on both low density areas and the marginalized townships. Magamba organizes MASHOKO! (Words), a monthly concert, where poetry, humour, live music, political films and facilitated discussion are used to inspire, recruit and mobilize Zimbabwean youth in the struggle for justice in Zimbabwe.

Magamba also has GWAZH!, a grassroots youth project, running in Harare. The aim is to develop the free expression of young people and to build a new generation of community activists who can heal and radically democratise their communities.The high school youth are organized into ‘Mashoko’ clubs in their communities and have regular sessions with Magamba facilitators. The sessions focus on the youths looking into community problems and coming up with creative ways of resolving these problems. The youth organise actions and alternative cultural events that involve and mobilise community youth. Step by step the youth are reclaiming their space and becoming stronger community activists.

Magamba has also been involved in a concerted regional solidarity drive. The Network has been organizing a series of concerts in South Africa entitled MAKE SOME NOISE, A Concert For Freedom In Zimbabwe. The aims of MAKE SOME NOISE are to raise awareness about the struggle for justice in Zimbabwe. The concerts have been extremely successful having been attended by thousands and have received favorable press coverage.